Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fengle and Quandary

I am excited to share my submission to the Diva's Weekly Challenge #141: DuoTangle - Fengle/Quandry. Having never attempted quandary, I felt a bit lost initially. However, using it made me want to practice it even more. I like the combination of tangles because they fall in different genres. Fengle is large-scale and more naturally serves as a string or monotangle, while quandary is one of the tangles that serves to fill in areas. The latter is like groundcover, only more exciting and versatile.
I got carried away with shadow on my first tile.

I decided to work on a larger tile early on because I was craving more surface area. I used a 4.5 inch paper tile that my mom cut as Apprentice™ tile backup. I definitely took advantage of the extra space here. I only used a touch of quandary, but I think that it pops more than any other fengle design. I just wish that I had used a little less shading because having the gray everywhere makes the tile muddy.
my graphic second tile

I love the case they come in.
The top folds back into a stand.
I took a different approach on tile #2, opting for vibrant colors and high contrast. (By the time I started, I had found the stash of official Zentangle Apprentice™ tiles and used one.) I was more comfortable with quandary when I was completing this piece, and I am much more satisfied with the results. The kaleidoscope-ish fengle units remind me of a jester. Speaking of color, I used a new kind of pen to fill in the shapes: Straedtler triplus® fineliners. (I like them, though they have a lighter, more casual feel than the Sakura Microns.)This tile was so graphic, I felt that pencil shading would be out of place. To me, this tile is joyous and  cheerful and doesn't want to be weighed down by graphite.


  1. Nice.
    I especially like the happy Fengle-Birds in the 2nd tile.

  2. Both are great! In the first one I admire your shading, it has really good depth, and the second one is beautiful with the nice colors. And I agree, the colors are well enough to carry this tile! Well done :)

  3. Beautiful work on both, love your tangle fills on Fengle v1 and your color and excellent Quandry on v2. Got to try some Staedtler fine liners, I've used the permanent lumocolors by Staedtler on tiles. One more fun thing to try!

  4. Both are lovely! The first one is my favorite. Wonderful shading!

  5. Beautiful work on both. I like the enhancement that you added on the second tile in your Quandry. Like tripoli and the grid seeds, you can get such a different look by adding a few things.

  6. Both are great; my favorite is the first one.

  7. Thank you. You inspired me. . I already had the same markers I made a piece using a Micron 0.5 for the black and colored in parts of the tile. While it isn't technically a tangle, I use the tiles for mini wirks of art. Please check out my Facebook page No Frame Needed. The latest post entitled "Staggered" is the piece I'm talking about.